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.: What We Offer
We provide records quickly and efficiently.
We cut down on the chances of canceling policies/orders.
We deliver the APS on an average of 5 working days.
We provide real-time status online 24/7/365 days per year.
We provide access to your APS records immediately once they are secured.
We deliver complete APS copies in secured digital formats.
We fully Comply with HIPAA guidelines .
We guarantee access to APS Direct™ without using any special software.
APS retrieval is generally the last step of the underwriting process and more often than not the slowest. While the agents may need the APS within a week, they may end up waiting several weeks if left unmanaged. This results in slow turn-around time, harming the agent's reputation and jeopardizing the opportunity to secure a client.

You can put all these in the past and step into the revolutionary age of lightening fast APS retrieval with our completely paperless online order fulfillment service! Now you can obtain your client's APS with the least amount of time and the greatest cost savings.
Open your eyes to the services of Westside Copymaster.
Revolutionalize your APS retrieval system NOW!
Westside Copymaster Corporation presents the revolutionary APS Direct™, the most advanced high-tech solution to all your APS retrieval needs. We are combining state of the art technology with competitive
aggressive rates to come up with a solution that will provide you with great service at a great price. We have revolutionized the APS retrieval system in such a way, which the industry hasn't even dreamt of. Wondering how that's possible..?

Come and experience the convenience of the revolutionary medical records retrieval system APS Direct™.

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