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Revolutionalize your APS retrieval process

Westside CopyMaster, Inc. presents APS Direct™, the most advanced high-tech solution.

What we Offer

  • APS delivered on average of 9 calendar days
  • Automated status updates through web service or FTP
  • Records available via direct download, web service or FTP
  • Secure access to APS Direct™ through any web browser
  • ACORD Life Standards interface available
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement available

Comprehensive and Safe Solutions

Westside CopyMaster, Inc. provides a comprehensive solution for insurance carriers, BGAs, individual insurance agencies and our partners who expect fast and efficient service for APS retrieval. We have a strong group of professionals who understand the value of superior customer service and are fully trained in HIPAA compliance. We value and respect patient confidentiality.

Reliability and Security

Evolution of the industry and continuous changes within the law have increased the need for reliable, secure and consistent services in the APS retrieval industry. Knowing you have a resource that not only meets your needs, but holds the standard in excellence can give you peace of mind.

An Extra Advantage

From the implementation of cutting edge technology, to our ability to keep you informed in real-time, you'll find a huge difference in the service you receive. We go the extra mile to give you an extra advantage. At Westside CopyMaster, Inc., customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

Contact us now to experience the convenience of the revolutionary medical records retrieval system APS Direct™.